Branding, Product & Promotional design for Tequila & Mezcal company.

Graphic Design
Logo Design
Web Design
3D Design

A vibrant new spirits company specializing in high-end tequilas & mezcals, Nock is an established brand within Mexico, but needed a higher quality brand perception when expanding to the USA and globally. Client commissioned us for full stack brand redevelopment - from Logo/TM through label/product design and eventually to website design & promotional materials concepts & delivery. Brief stipulated that joy & friendship be the primary emotions to be embodied in the new direction, and also that there is a sophistication sometimes disregarded in the world of Tequila & Mezcal. Concept of colour-differentiation across the 5 expressions helps to unify the visual language, while the 'Agave Bridge' stamp device illustrates the link between the two production areas (Jalisco & Oaxaca) with the locationof the owners (Brooklyn).

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2202 Cameron Boulevard
Isle of Palms SC 29451